About Us

Our vision is to promote a strong sense of identity within our society, encapsulated by the hashtag #beanidentity.

Founded in 2019, SC Horus began as a gathering of passionate amateur footballers, many of whom had refugee and migration backgrounds. What started as a simple hobby group soon evolved into a close-knit family, driven by a shared determination to conquer life’s daily challenges. One of our primary hurdles was securing official training time at a Berlin sports facility. To learn more about our foundation phase, watch our informative video on Facebook or Instagram.

Approximately 70% of our club’s founders have personal experiences as refugees, while the majority of our members come from diverse migration backgrounds. This diversity exemplifies our vision of a world where different cultures unite as one family under the banner of sport.

Our family continues to grow, welcoming new members who share our passion for football and our commitment to fostering unity and inclusivity.

Executive Board

Hazem Abdel Rahmen

Hazem Abdel Rahman inspired the group of the realization of the club foundation in May 2019. He is acting as Executive Chairman since the foundation besides beeing a player.
H. Abdel Rahman studied Mechanical Engineering (M. Sc.) in Berlin and is working in the E-Mobility sector.

Dr.Tarek Labib

Tarek Labib is one of the club founders in May 2019. He gained experience as a former amateur player and he attended the referee training course and the coaching education.
T. Labib studied veterinary medicine in Egypt and is owner of an Egyptian Travel Agency in Berlin.

Aziz Abdel-Rahman

Aziz Abdel-Rahman is an important key person for the club foundation in May 2019. Horus logo was created by his creativity. He is leading as Financial Officer.
A. Abdel-Rahman is studying Mechanical Engineering (M. Sc.) in Berlin.

Our Mission

- HORUS - Different Cultures, One Family, One Team!

- An International Team with Over 20 Different Nationalities!

- Sport is Life, and Horus is Our Home!

- More Than a Sports Club! It's a Family Project.

- The Starting Point of Passion, Respect, Fairness, and Tolerance.

- A Story of Hope, Dreams, Success, or Even Failure – We Fall to Rise, Not to Quit!

- Fostering a Culture of Constructive Feedback.

- Delivering Professional Training Sessions.

- Making Sport Accessible to Everyone – Improving Health!

- Qualification Program for Coaches, Referees, and Junior Club Managers.

- Engaging in Attractive Voluntary Tasks.

- Efficient Club Structure for Enhanced Transparency and Openness.
Horus Family